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A Goose's Dream

Dear _____, 

As we've discussed, you know who you are, if I go over that wall before you I don't want or need service, ceremony, funeral, whatever.  Just put me in the minimal container, cremate me, and dump my ashes in that secluded spot in the ___ ____ cemetery, even though it distresses me to return work that is not perfect. Vixit.

But if, just if, there's a place for a little music along the way, I'd like this version of
A Goose's Dream:  (5:33, 2013)
This now classic often closes a concert and is fit to bow out on.  It was tough to settle upon just one.  Insooni alone has umpteen; I am particularly fond of this small, quiet one: 
Insooni - Goose's Dream  (5:53, 2008¿)

And then there's the inimitable PSY.  Who also gets it right.
PSY - Goose's Dream  (7:51, 2013) 
Dear _______, thank you for this e-mail.  Death will come to each of us and it is good for friends to gather together when the body has released the soul.  And our souls, though maybe briefly, meet with yours.  We both know that when our souls meet together, as the old hymn sings: "We will understand it better by and by."  I know who she is, my dearest friend.  _____ 

An Insooni (인순이) Showcase, with Love

Most of these YouTube videos are 720p HD (High Definition).  Slow or sketchy internet connections may cause pauses or delays.

ft) featuring; MV) Music Video; OST) Original Sound Track; IAAS) I Am A Singer

Opening Number
   Sunny  (2:56, 2014¿)

Act I - As Time Goes By
  1979, age 22 - Weeping Willow  (5:12, Hee Sisters, Insooni is in the middle)

  1992, age 35 - Missing Country  (4:13, with Park Jung Woon)
  1992, age 35 - Kind Woman  (3:30)
  1996, age 39 - Again  (3:20)
  1997, age 40 - Second Goodbye  (3:44)
  2006, age 49 - Passion  (4:16, ft ¿)
  2010, age 52 - Fantasia MV  (3:41)
  2011, age 53 - Goodbye MV  (3:40, Detectives in Trouble OST)
  2012, age 55 - I Will Survive  (4:59, ft 'Bleeding Gums' Murphy on Saxophone)
  2013, age 56 - Beautiful Girl  (3:40, Guerrilla Subway Concert
  2014, age 57 - Umbrella  (4:12)
  2014, age 57 - Friend  (4:47, Hidden Singer, ft. Cho PD)
  2015, age 58 - To Mom+To My Daughter+Dear Friend  (14:02, ft Kisum)  
  2015, age 58 - BodyBuilder  (2:32, nabba/wff, 2015-09-26; husband with orange camera)
  2017, age 60 - Father  (5:53, Immortal Songs 2, duet with Jung Dong-ha
  2017, age 60 - Let Everyone Shine  (4:37, Theme Song, PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Torch Relay) 

     Entr'acte I
       Swing My Baby  (1:51, 2005)
       Again  (3:02, 1996)

Act II - A Few Classics
   My Romance MV  (3:09, 2010, Beauty and the Beast OST)
   Tea House In The Winter  (9:13, 2011, IAAS)
   Love Story  (5:00, 2013¿)
   All That Jazz  (3:45, 2012)
   New York, New York  (2:58, 2012¿, a Diva and a pianist walk into a Manhattan Bar ... )
   Proud Mary  (4:02, 2011)
   Yesterday  (3:34, 2009)
   Take Me Out To The Ball Game  (1:04, 2014, ft MultiCultural Choir, ft KIA Tigers)
     Entr'acte II
       ''Put Your Hands Up''  (2:28, 2013; this is how to work an audience!)
       Mix  (7:55, 2010, wHOOL, ft Insooni)

Act III - Featuring 
   Los Parajos Perdidos  (4:45, 2012, Denis Sungho, ft Insooni) 
   Dear Friend  (2:35, 2013¿, ft Cho PD)
   Uppercut  (3:04, 2011, ft DY)
   Higher  (3:53, 2013¿, ft DY)
   Like This Night  (4:34, 2013, ft The One)
   Bamimyun Bammada (Every Night)  (3:36, 2009, ft SNSD aka Girls' Generation)
   Smile MV  (4:16, 2009, Mighty Mouth, ft Insooni)  

     Entr'acte III
       Cry  (4:23, 2009)
       Sorrow  (6:49, 2011, IAAS)

Act IV - The Lady Doffs Her Hat
   If It Is Like Tonight  (8:21, 2011, IAAS)
   Spring Summer Fall Winter  (8:17, 2011, IAAS)
   Night After Night  (3:05, 2013)
   Saturday Night  (6:59, 2011, IAAS)
   Around Thirty  (4:49, 2011, IAAS)
   Around Thirty  (6:20, 2011¿)
   Daughter  (4:21, 2013)
   Father  (6;03, 2011, IAAS, note tears in audience)

     Entr'acte IV
       Dear Friend  (4:13, 2012, ft Romantic Punch)
       Tree  (4:45, 2012)

Act V - Goose's Dream (거위의 꿈)
   Goose's Dream  (6:03, 2013, medium)
   Goose's Dream  (9:31, 2013¿, large)
   Behind Door...?*  (3:17, 2014, Hidden Singer)

Closing Number
   Goose's Dream  (5:53, 2008¿, small, my favorite)

       Hope You Enjoyed The Showcase

Insooni Interview  (50:48, 2013, INNERview, English subtitles)
Insooni To Open Multicultural School  (2013, The Korea Times)
Hae Mill School Camp  (11:24, 2013)
Hae Mill School 1st Anniversary  (4:16, 2014)
Insooni, guitarist break barriers between pop, classic  (2012, The Korea Herald, English)
Insooni 1st Korean To Revisit Carnegie Hall  (2010, The Korea Times, English)
Insooni gives $10,000 to CCNY's Colin Powell Center  (2010, CCNY, English)
Insooni and Her Father  (2010, Dong-a libo)
Artist Info  (2010, Powerhouse Entertainment, English)
Former GI surprised that old friend is now R&B diva ...  (2011, Stars and Stripes, English)
Emotional Reunion for Insooni and Avuncular GI After 40 Years  (2011, The Chosunilbo, English)
'I don't want to be forgotten': Insooni  (2011, asiaone SHOWbiz, English)
Insooni Opens Up on Her Father and Her Past ...  (2012, soompi, English)
Insooni Mini Bio  (2013, Asia 24/7)
*Door 5 (2014, Hidden Singer, Episode 3-8, 1:54:37, begin @39:58)
Former U.S. President George W. Bush Visits Insooni’s Concert in Seoul  (2011, soompi, English)

Sunday, March 1, 2026

Explained: Millenniums, Centuries, Decades, & Decennaries

If you can count to ten, you can get this stuff. 

A Millennium is a 1000 year period.
A Century is a 100 year period.
A Decade is a specific 10 year period of a Century; there are 10 Decades in a Century.
A Decennary is a 10 year period, any 10 year period.

1980-1989 is a Decennary, but not a Decade. The "Eighties."  
1981-1990 is a Decennary, as well as a Decade. The ninth Decade of the 20th Century
 and the 99th Decade of the 2nd Millennium. 

1990-1999 is a Decennary, but not a Decade. The "Nineties."  
1991-2000 is a Decennary, as well as a Decade. The tenth and last Decade of the 20th
 Century and the 100th and last Decade of the 2nd Millennium.

2000-2009 is a Decennary, but not a Decade. It and eight other Decennaries span the
 20th-21st Centuries and the 2nd-3rd Millenniums.
2001-2010 is a Decennary, as well as a Decade. The first Decade of the 21st Century
 and the first Decade of the 3rd Millennium.