Friday, November 9, 2012

Explained: Sugar Calories in Your Food

Healh experts have been nudging Americans to kick the sugar habit for years, and now it’s official: The Food and Drug Administration is recommending a daily cap on sugar for the first time.

The goal is for Americans to limit added sugar to no more than 10 percent of daily calories, according to the proposed guidelines. For someone older than 3, that means eating no more than 12.5 teaspoons, or 50 grams, of it a day.
The World Health Organization endorses a 10 percent cap on sugars, excluding those in fresh fruits, vegetables and milk, and urges people to aim even lower, limiting sugars to 5 percent of caloric intake to derive greater health benefits.

The American Heart Association also recommends stricter sugar limits, saying women should consume only about 100 calories a day in added sugars — about six teaspoons — and men no more than 150 calories, or nine teaspoons. The F.D.A. is recommending that children 1 to 3 should not consume more than 25 grams of sugar a day. 
 The Basic: One gram of sugar has 4 calories. 
(Reputable sources actually range from 3.87 calories to 4.2 calories; using 4 calories per gram of sugar will adequately serve our purpose here.)
In the U.S. on the food container/package/can/etc. the "Nutrition Facts" label includes "Servings Per Container" and "Sugars" by grams per serving.

The math is simple and straightforward:
Sugar grams per serving x 4 calories = sugar calories per serving.
Sugar grams per serving x 4 calories x servings per container = sugar calories per container.

Example: an 11.5 fl. oz. can of V8 vegetable juice has 1 serving per container and 9 grams of sugar per serving.
9 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories = 36 sugar calories per serving.
9 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories x 1 serving per container = 36 sugar calories per can.

Example: a 14.5 oz. can of diced tomatoes has 3.5 servings per container and 5 grams of sugar per serving.
5 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories = 20 sugar calories per meager serving.
5 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories x 3.5 servings per container = 70 sugar calories per can.

Example: a 6 oz. container of low-fat mango yogurt has 1 serving per container and 31 grams of sugar per serving.
31 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories = 124 sugar calories per serving.
31 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories x 1 serving per container = 124 sugar calories per container. That's 20⅔ sugar calories per ounce!

Example: a 15.25 oz. can of pineapple slices has 4 servings per container and 14 grams of sugar per serving.
14 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories = 56 sugar calories per serving.
14 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories x 4 servings per container = 224 sugar calories per can.

Example: a 28 oz. bottle of barbecue sauce has "approximately" 21 servings per container and 16 grams of sugar per serving.
16 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories = 64 sugar calories per serving.
16 sugar grams per serving x 4 calories x 21 servings per container = 1,344 sugar calories per bottle.

By the way, a gram of protein also has 4 calories. The Nutrition Facts label lists protein grams separately; to compute protein calories the procedure is the same as above.

Here's a short, informative webpage about sugar by Meg Campbell: 

And for those who still prefer teaspoons, 4 sugar grams = one teaspoon = 16 sugar calories.
I really hope this helps.

Tallahassee, Florida


(Sugar Shack)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blu-Ray Installation

FOLLOWUP: This week I ordered and installed an LG DVD-ROM SATA Internal Blu-Ray Drive Model UH12NS30 (, which is probably the same one you wrote about above. With promo code it also was $40. And I thank you again for your replies.

After reading a LOT of reviews and forums about Blu-Ray and about people having problems getting a Blu-Ray to burn, I decided a BD-ROM was good enough for me.

I had a rather painless experience getting the bare metal OEM player up and running, video and sound, but it seems a lot of people have problems getting a Blu-Ray to play, so I'm going to somewhat detail my experience.
Board: Asus F1A75-V EVO
CPU: AMD A8-3870K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
Graphics Card:Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO [DVI output]
DVI cable
Monitors: Acer X193W
Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit and Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. [No problem playing Blu-Ray with either]
VLC 2.1.0 Rincewind.
KEYDB.cfg [downloaded from
libaacs.dll (64-bit) [downloaded from
Blu-Ray Disc, "When Harry Met Sally" - $5.11 on sale at Target.
As detailed in, in %appdata% I created the folder AACS and put KEYDB.cfg in it. The location of %appdata% is different in W7 and W8. The download site links to instructions on how to find the %appdata% folder for your machine. (The anonymous WhoKnowsMy.Name deserves a shoutout.)

I then put libaacs.dll in my VLC folder.
And that was all there was to it. I did do a right click on the desktop and refresh my machine, but I did not restart. Cranked up VLC, clicked on Media, clicked on Open Disc, clicked on the Blu-ray radio button, clicked on Play, and it plays, video and sound.
Hope this can help someone.
Addendum: Just tried playing Blu-Ray on my VGA card, cable, and monitor. Works fine. I do understand that I need HDMI card, cable, and monitor for a better picture. That'll happen sometime next year.

I also recommend Cyberlink's free Blu-ray Disc & 3D Advisor,, which will
1. Check if your system is capable of playing Blu-ray Discs and 3D content.
2. Recommend ways to optimize your system.

This tool fails my system only for Software Player Not found; apparently it doesn't know to look for VLC. But it's a handy tool nevertheless.

Friday, June 29, 2012

"... it lies within ... the duty of all of us ..."

"... it lies within the power as well as the duty of all of us to recognize not only the possibility that we might be wrong but the virtual certainty that on some occasions we are bound to be.  The fact that this is so does not absolve us from the duty of having views and putting them forward.  But it does make it incumbent upon us to recognize the element of doubt that still surrounds the correctness of these views.  And if we do that, we will not be able to lose ourselves in the transports of moral indignation against those who are of opposite opinion and follow a different line, we will put our views forward only with a prayer for forgiveness for the event that we prove to be mistaken."  

-- George F Kennan

"...Anything that I've done right, I will continue to keep doing;
And anything that I've done wrong, I will reflect on it and repent.

There are also the things that I should've done, but didn't do: Those are my disappointments.

There are also things that I shouldn't have done, but did anyway: Those are my regrets...."

-- Kwon Ki-Young, Nae Yeonaeui Modeungeot,
 Episode 16 (final) @ ~17:30

"The little bit you and me might change the world."
Malloy smiled.
"It wouldn't show up until a hundred years after we were dead.
We'd never see it."

"But it'd be there."

-- James Jones, From Here To Eternity


Monday, January 9, 2012


(Collared, with ID and rabies tags. Microchipped.)
Photos: Left click to enlarge, backspace key to return

2012 January 9: "Gosscoe" showed up at _________, falling through a false ceiling, in mid-December, 2011. (That's, maybe coincidentally, maybe not, about the same time as the end of the University Fall semester.) He had no injuries; he did hide behind a desk for three days.

2012 January 9: He's a gentle cat, affectionate but not overly dependent. Orange tabby, the light orange/ginger color, orange eyes. I'm estimating he was probably born around Thanksgiving 2010. A sweet baby & definitely a snuggle lap cat.

2012 February 16: Snuggle Cat, on Lap.
Note "tipped" left ear; it means he has been neutered.

2012 February 16: Chillin', on lap

Update Notes
==January 17, 2012==
-neutered, left ear tipped
-micro-chipped (res 981 020 005 643 579)
-FIV (feline leukemia) negative (tested)
-shots: rabies, FeLV (feline leukemia), FVRCP
==February 15, 2012==
-booster shots: FeLV (feline leukemia), FVRCP
-diagnosed: feline herpes, right eye (more on this later)

-little bit of a talker, says "hello"
-has his angel hair (white hair on chest), eligible for heaven
-house-trained, uses litter-box
-chases laser pointer, will search for it
-placid personality

-really likes a belly rub
-people friendly, although a little shy until he knows you
-will "plead" to get on your lap
-plays, sleeps on your lap
-chases and sometimes catches his tail
-friendly with other cats, will "play" with them
-good for?: children; asperger; singles; multi-cat household
-born approximately thanksgiving 2010
-a joy
-remember: adoption is a 15+ year commitment!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

TNR: Quinnie & Junior; Jackson

(All are collared, with ID and rabies tags. 
Quinnie and Jackson are microchipped.)
▲"Quinnie" (2010 August 7)
TNR, 4 kittens adopted, 2008, thanks to Jim Croushorn
►RIP 2015

▲The Prodigal Son, "Junior" (2010 August 13)
TNR 2008, thanks to Jim Croushorn
Microchip: Only if you want your arm taken off

▲"Jackson" (2011 May 4)
Neutered & Released 2000 July 26 (Date is correct)
►RIP 2014

TNR: Lady Grey aka MomCat

▲MomCat, a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) cat,
two kittens adopted, being returned by Jim Croushorn (2009)

▲... and
about to be released (2009)

▲Pelican, Turtle, MomCat (2009 March 8)

▲MomCat (2009 May 3)