Monday, January 9, 2012


(Collared, with ID and rabies tags. Microchipped.)
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2012 January 9: "Gosscoe" showed up at _________, falling through a false ceiling, in mid-December, 2011. (That's, maybe coincidentally, maybe not, about the same time as the end of the University Fall semester.) He had no injuries; he did hide behind a desk for three days.

2012 January 9: He's a gentle cat, affectionate but not overly dependent. Orange tabby, the light orange/ginger color, orange eyes. I'm estimating he was probably born around Thanksgiving 2010. A sweet baby & definitely a snuggle lap cat.

2012 February 16: Snuggle Cat, on Lap.
Note "tipped" left ear; it means he has been neutered.

2012 February 16: Chillin', on lap

Update Notes
==January 17, 2012==
-neutered, left ear tipped
-micro-chipped (res 981 020 005 643 579)
-FIV (feline leukemia) negative (tested)
-shots: rabies, FeLV (feline leukemia), FVRCP
==February 15, 2012==
-booster shots: FeLV (feline leukemia), FVRCP
-diagnosed: feline herpes, right eye (more on this later)

-little bit of a talker, says "hello"
-has his angel hair (white hair on chest), eligible for heaven
-house-trained, uses litter-box
-chases laser pointer, will search for it
-placid personality

-really likes a belly rub
-people friendly, although a little shy until he knows you
-will "plead" to get on your lap
-plays, sleeps on your lap
-chases and sometimes catches his tail
-friendly with other cats, will "play" with them
-good for?: children; asperger; singles; multi-cat household
-born approximately thanksgiving 2010
-a joy
-remember: adoption is a 15+ year commitment!


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